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  • I'm David Crabb: storyteller, coach & writer. I've been helping people tell their true personal stories for over 12 years. As a storyteller and speaker, I've been featured on The Moth, NPR & Buzzfeed. As a published memoirist, I have extensive experience in what it takes to make a story work on the page. Whether your goals are personal, professional or artistic, I can help you craft compelling narratives out of real-life experiences in many mediums and for a wide variety of purposes. 


    *Listen to my story "MAYOR OF THE FREAKS" on The Moth Radio Hour

    *Listen to my story "No Ordinary Love" on The Moth Radio Hour

    *Watch the trailer for my New York Times Critics' Pick solo show "Bad Kid"

    *Check out my memoir "BAD KID"

    *Read about one of my classes in the New York Times


    Whether I'm teaching 1-on-1 or a group of 100, here's what matters to me:


    *AUTHENTICITY - My job as a storytelling & memoir coach isn't to change or suppress your voice, but to accentuate it. I want to help you be the most "YOU" as possible.


    *MAKE IT EXCITING - We tend to think the facts of our experiences are dull, especially in the professional realm. I can help you reflect on your message in new ways that will excite you and your audience.


    *KNOW THE STRUCTURE - Terms like "narrative arc" can intimidate people. I can teach you story structure in an easy-to-grasp way that will redefine and energize the way you share stories.


    *DARK INTO LIGHT - It's not easy to talk and write about loss, trauma, and sadness; themes that define so many iconic stories. I'll teach you strategies that make the hard-to-share easier to hear and process.


    *FINDING YOUR STORY - Finding personal stories worth telling can feel challenging. Many people feel like "nothing interesting" has ever happened to them. It's important that I leave my clients with tools that will help them continue to find true engaging stories from their lives long after I'm out of the picture.


    Connecting with others through personal narrative is the cornerstone of my work. I've seen people from many fields with varied backgrounds utilize storytelling as a means to not only communicate, but change their audience through laughter, education and transparency. My wide variety of clients from artistic, therapeutic and professional fields has given me insight into the myriad ways storytelling can alter the listener, reader & participant.



    The Moth High School Program, Wounded Warriors, American Library Association, Writers Guild Initiative, Heartland Alliance, The Getty Museum, I'm From Driftwood



    Social Media: Twitter, Google, Facebook, Social Media Week NYC

    Legal/Finance: Price-Waterhouse, Grant-Thornton, Fidelity, Prudential

    Other: SAP, Visa, Uber, Novartis, Viacom, Bravo TV



    Occidental College, Los Angeles, NYU Tisch School of Arts, California State University, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Indiana University, Upright Citizens Brigade, Peoples Improv Theater, Kevin Allison's Story Studio, First Person Arts


    I work with my clients in many formats. Contact me at thedavidcrabb@gmail.com for more information.



    Crabb Labbs: Workshops at my studio or arranged by the client, focusing on live storytelling, solo shows or memoir, depending on participant needs.

    Corporate Workshops: Everything from my regular labb, but with a focus on business application.



    Storytelling: Sessions by the hour in-person or online.

    Memoir 1-on-1: Sessions by the hour in-person or online.


    My podcast "Stories In Session" is a weekly show dedicated to the art and craft of contemporary storytelling. Hear some of the best stories from across the nation and get a behind-the-scenes look at how they were created by the experts and amateurs who told them. Featuring storytellers, hosts and producers from RISK!, The Moth & more.

    New episodes released every Monday.





  • Years ago, I realized that many of the storytelling & memoir students who wanted to work with me couldn’t, because their schedules didn’t allow for a weekly time obligation. They wanted more flexibility based on their needs and bandwidths.
    So I created this class, which I’ve been teaching in New York & LA for over 10 years, for those people. For YOU!
    The way it works is this:
    1. You sign up to receive an email, no more than twice a month, asking you to fill in a doodle calendar with your availability. BOOM! You're in the "LABB-pool."
    2. Once we have 3 people sign up for a single date (but never more than 6) I book our class & send an RSVP.
    3. We meet on Zoom and regale each other with stories, affirmation and loads of constructive feedback.
    For those focused on live performance:
    We can work on 6-minute Moth-length stories, or longer 10+ minute stories, or sections from a larger solo piece in-progress.
    For those focused on essays or memoir:
    Participants can share their writing via email in advance of each workshop or read in-class. (No more than 2500 words per week).
    This is the ultimate user-friendly storytelling workshop. You tell me (and the class) what you want to get from the experience when we start.
    Maybe you need writing help.
    Maybe you’ve “run out of” new stories.
    Maybe you're circling around a theme you can't nail down.
    Maybe you need direction with your character work.
    Maybe you're looking for new performance strategies to improve delivery.
    Whatever you need, that's the focus you'll get.
    The LABB is $325 for a 5-class bundle or $80 to attend one workshop.
    LABB students have gone on to mount solo shows, publish multiple books, win a SLEW of Moths and appear on NPR, Comedy Central, PBS & more.
    Email me at thedavidcrabb@gmail.com to get on the LABB List.


  • Two new storytelling classes are coming your way this summer:

    This class is designed to help anyone with any level of experience discover new stories from their lives. It’s a fun, fast-paced weekend of games and prompts created to send you on your way with new material to craft.

    Story Shop:
    This weekend workshop will be committed to working and revising a single story (at any level of refinement). Maybe it’s a new idea that’s only a three-sentence pitch. Or perhaps it’s an older 15-minute story you want to make work in 5. Whatever it is, choose the story and bring it in for this two-day boot camp so we can polish it up!

    Each weekend workshop is 6-hours over 2 days for $150.
    To sign up email thedavidcrabb@gmail.com